October 1, 2016

Hey guys. Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. So much has been going on.


I’ve been really stressed out about a test at work lately (I passed by the way!) and now I got a new job starting Monday! So I’m stressed out about that. I won’t have as much time as I used to have to blog and vlog. Also, I normally blog on Fridays but my brother has been asking me to babysit lately and now this new job requires me to work on Fridays.

I might not have as much time to blog but now that it’s October (my favourite month), I might be doing more fun things that I’ll be able to blog about. The blog just might be shorter.

Today is October 1st, so I will be going to a Oktoberfest event today!

Next weekend is Thanksgiving and the weekend after that, I am planning on going out of town. I will be doing lots of Halloween/fall activities all month so I will try to blog about them!


What are your favourite things to do in fall?

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