So Thankful for Thanksgiving

October 11, 2016

This weekend was amazing and chalked full of activities for me. For Canadians, the weekend that just past was thanksgiving (my favourite holiday)!

Because I’m in training for a new position, I’ve been working everyday from 8 to 4. So right after work on Friday, I had to rush to get ready to go to my boyfriend Shane’s family’s thanksgiving. It was at his cousin’s house and all of his uncles, aunts and cousins were there. I haven’t spend much time with his family so it was pretty nerve-racking and draining. 

I brought my favourite chip dip (just a layer of sour cream mixed with cream cheese, a layer of salsa and a layer of cheese) and made one of the dips extra spicy with jalapeño seasoning and hot salsa. It went quick! I also brought cinnamon bun bread that I bought from a bake sale at work. 

On Saturday, we relaxed all day and finished watching Friends on Netflix. This weekend, we also started watching the second season of Zoo on Netflix. That night, we went to a haunted house at Dynamic Earth and their pumpkin inferno. 

The haunted house wasn’t too scary but it was in a mine underground so that made it a little more interesting. The pumpkin inferno is always really cool. It’s crazy how people actually craved all those pumpkins!

They also had fire pits to cook marshmellows and hot dogs and they sold hot chcolate! It was about $27 for both of us. 

On Sunday, we went to my uncle’s camp to spend thanksgiving with my family. It’s so beautiful getting to see all the pretty trees and spending time by the lake. Most of my family was there so there was around 40 people.

My little cousin and her boyfriend performed for us because it was also her mom’s 40th birthday. Her boyfriend plays guitar and she has an amazing voice! She’s only 15 but has the most amazing voice I’ve ever heard. People were already crying just a couple lines into her first song. I’ll try to post videos of her soon. 

On Monday, we went to a ranch to go on a hay ride and go to a petting zoo. It cost $10 each and we didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked with the animals because we were late. We spend most of the day cozy in bed watching Netflix 

Weekends like these are my favourite and it makes it really hard to go back to work!

Anybody do anything fun this thanksgiving weekend?

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