15 things you need to pack for your trip to Ireland

June 28, 2016

Here is a short list of important things you’ll need to pack to fully enjoy your time in Ireland:

  1. Raincoat

This is an obvious one. You never know what kind of weather you’re going to get when you go to Ireland so make sure you have a rainproof windproof jacket with a hood! I would pack a light one that packs up easily and just layer it on top of a sweater or two.


  1. Umbrella

You could bring an umbrella, or just buy one there. It could double as a souvenir! That was my plan when I went to Ireland but I lucked out and it only rained once so I never got around to buying one.

  1. Rain boots

Speaking of rain, rain proof shoes or boots are very important. I bought little rain booties to save room in my carry-on but I never ended up wearing them. I definitely should have though on my Game of Thrones tour because my sneakers got soaked!  I was miserable.

  1. Good walking shoes

A trip to Ireland involves a lot of walking and hiking. You’ll need a good pair of walking shoes so you can explore all of Ireland. You’ll also need a pair of shoes to wear to fancier restaurants and pubs. Be on the lookout for a pair that can do both.



It’s very important to bring clothes that can be layered. Like I said before, the weather in Ireland is crazy. It could be hot one minute and freezing the next. Bring clothes that match so you can reuse clothes to save space. Also bring different thicknesses of sweaters.

  1. Going-out outfits

This is something I didn’t bring and I regret. I thought I could wear my jeans and travelling clothes to the pub. I could but I definitely felt uncomfortable. There are more clubs in Ireland than I thought as well. Try to bring some nicer shirts so you don’t feel out of place (and shoes). I’ve noticed that a lot of girls in Ireland take pride in how they look. They always seem to have a full face of make up and appealing clothes.

  1. Euros and Pounds

Ireland takes Euros but Northern Ireland takes Pounds. If you are going to both (which I suggest you do) make sure to bring both kinds of currency. I’m sure there are some places that accept both, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Most tours will tell you if they’ll be stopping somewhere in Northern Ireland that accepts both Pounds and Euros.

  1. Tights

This goes along with the whole LAYERS thing. If you are planning on wearing dresses, make sure you bring some thicker tights.

  1. Camera, converter, and portable battery charger

Don’t forget your camera because Ireland is filled with picture-perfect scenery. You should probably bring an extra memory card just in case. Bring a portable battery charger for those days where your phone or camera die halfway through the day and you can’t get to a wall plugin. Speaking of a wall plugin, make sure you have one of those too. Make sure you have an adapter if you need to use your foreign plugs. This is the camera I brought on my trip – it is shockproof, freeze proof, crush proof and waterproof.

  1. Motion sickness/nausea medications

If you plan on going on any boats, this is important. Inis Mor, my favourite place in all of Ireland, can only be accessed through Ferry. A majority of passengers ended up puking – but not me! I took medication and I still felt sick. Also, a lot of the passengers got really drunk the night before so that could also be why. If you get car sick, you might get extra car sick in Ireland. There are lots of twisty turns and bumpy roads.

  1. Elastics, headbands and products to control your hair

Ireland air is windy and humid. Make sure you bring something to keep your hair out of your face. Also, a headband that covers your ears is a good idea because sometimes the wind can be painful. Something like this would be cute.

This is what you might look like if you don’t keep your hair tamed:

What to pack for Ireland - Windy Hair What to Pack for Ireland - Windy Hair

My hair might have ruined a couple of photos…

  1. Small purse or backpack

With all the walking and hiking, you won’t want something heavy weighing you down. Just make sure it’s big enough to fit all of your necessities. A small shoulder purse is a good idea for going to the pubs as well. Apparently some of the pubs are known for pickpockets.

  1. Swim suit and sunglasses

Just because it’s not known for its sun and beaches, doesn’t mean Ireland can’t hold its own in this division. The sun can be very harsh – I got a sun burn while I was there. Believe it or not, Ireland has plenty of beautiful beaches. It might be a little bit cold, but it’s worth a quick dunk – even just for the memories.

  1. Scarf

Scarfs are good for when it’s cold outside and for when you’re resting on the tour bus or on the plane. It can double as a blanket or you can use it to spice up your outfit.

  1. Travel Towel

A microfiber travel towel is perfect for any trip. It can dry you off quick and it dries off quick. You can use it and then pack it back in your luggage shortly after. You can get one here.



If you are planning to do the do in Ireland, make sure you go prepared. Contraception was illegal in Ireland until 1980 and even then it had restrictions. Safe sex might not be the most important thing to some of those in Ireland, so if you want to stay safe, go prepared. It might be harder to find condoms while you are there.


Do you have any important items you would add to this list? Comment below.


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