My Mom’s Trip to Ireland

August 9, 2016

My mom recently took a trip with her mom to Ireland to visit some family members. (Boohoo, I wasn’t invited).

My mom’s parents were from Belfast and move to Canada to get married and find a better job in the 50s. One was Protestant and one was Catholic. You know how it is. So my mom and grandma went to Belfast to visit my grandfather’s family. My grandfather died about 20 years ago. My mom spent most of the time visiting family and didn’t do to much exploring while she was there. She was in Dublin for a bit but spent most of the time in Northern Ireland.

Most of my mother’s photographs are of family members but I thought I’d post some of my favourite photos that she took (excluding family members):

Ireland Ireland

The church my grandfather went to

The church my grandfather went to


Iceland from an airplane

Belfast, Ireland Ireland Dark Hedges Giant's Causeway Ireland Ireland Ireland Ireland

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