October 18, 2016

OCTOBER 16, 2015

On October 16th, 2015, I met my current boyfriend (and love of my life). We knew each other for a while but this was the day we actually started talking for the first. We both were previously in relationships and we are both shy so we never really spoke.

My friend was having a party at her house. Her parent’s weren’t home and they were moving so she was having a lot of parties at that time. She invited a lot of people, including people from high school I hadn’t seen in a while.

During the party, I decided to walk around and find new people to talk to. I was walking through the theatre (yes, she had a theatre) to get to the gym (yes, she had a gym) where more people were. I guess Shane was walking the opposite way or hanging out in the theatre because we began to talk. I don’t remember what we were talking about but I do remember that I thought he was really cute and wondered why we hadn’t spoke sooner.

There was only one other person in the room and it was a girl I hadn’t seen since high school. She ended up asking if Shane was my boyfriend and I said,No, this is actually the first time we’ve ever spoke.” and she said, You look like you guys want to kiss. You guys should kiss.

I looked up at Shane but he just said, “I‘d rather kiss Scott.”

I was really insulted! But let’s back up a bit. Scott is one of his best friends and Shane, at the time, thought that he liked me because we would talk sometimes (but nothing was happening between us, obviously) and he didn’t want his friend to get mad at him. Scott was at the party and walked into the room at that time, which is why he said that. Or so he says…

We didn’t really talk the rest of the night (because I thought he was not interested in me) but I did end up tucking him and his friends in that night because they were sleeping awkwardly on the floor outside my friend’s room – where I was sleeping.

My friend and I were trying to sleep but one of the girl’s boyfriend was upstairs (by himself) making a ruckus so I volunteered to go upstairs and tell him to go to bed just to see Shane… but when I walked out, him and all his friends were gone. They slept in the theatre instead.

OCTOBER 17, 2015

The nest morning, I woke up early to clean the house because they had an open house that day. I was the first one up but eventually everyone woke up to help. Basically only the girls cleaned and Shane was the only guy helping. We washed dishes together and I teased him on the way he washed.

That night, my friend had another party. This one had way less people and it was mostly just boys. I went but this time I didn’t drink. They were playing card games and I apparently amazed Shane with my shuffling skills because he kept following me around. I even tried helping him learn to shuffle (he admitted to me that he went home and practiced to impress me). He also added ME on Facebook that night, which is very out of character for him since I never see him on Facebook.

We talked a lot that night and seemed like he was interested but he confused me so much because of how shy he is.

I ended up driving some drunkies home that night and saw one of them reach out and give Shane a hug. Shane hugged him and cracked his back. I decided to slip on in and hug him and he asked if I wanted him to crack my back too. I said, “No, no one has ever been able to crack my back before” and he took that as a challenge. He ended up being able to crack my back and it hurt so bad. 

I also ending up gently letting down a guy that I had been talking to for a while that night because I couldn’t get Shane out of my mind.

OCTOBER 18, 2016 

The next night, I messaged Shane. I told him how my back still hurt and he said he was sorry and completely forgot that he hurt me. I joked and said, “If I need to go to massage therapy, I’ll send you the bill.” 

And he said, “Sounds good”

Sounds good? He made flirting so hard.

So I hinted that he should be the one to give me a massage…

That must have triggered something inside of him because he started making plans for THAT NIGHT. None of which involved getting a massage though. This was also out of character for him because he never ever makes plans – EVER.

He suggested the following things:

  • Watching a scary movie at my place
  • Going to the movies (but he didn’t seem interested in this one since we wouldn’t be able to talk much)
  • Going to a haunted house (but I had already been to them all)
  • And lastly: Getting hot chocolate and going for a walk on the boardwalk

We settled on the last one and he picked me up, bought us hot chocolates and we went for a stroll on the boardwalk/beach.

When we were driving home, we ended up continuing to drive around for even longer because we wanted to continue talking. This was out of character for both of us because we normally go to bed pretty early but we didn’t end up getting home until past 11 o’clock (I’m an old lady, so what).

Throughout the entire night, I did try friend zoning him though… because we both just got out of relationships and I was planning on being single for a long long time. I even went on this little date without any make up on. I did not want to like him as much as I did, and I’m surprised he liked me too.

I didn’t expect him to be so amazing, I didn’t expect to get along so well and I didn’t expect to fall so hard.

The next day, he messaged me early in the morning. He wrote, “Hey 🙂 How are you feeling today? Did I end up keeping you out too late?” and the rest… is history. 😉


For all those who lost hope in finding a decent man – don’t worry, it will happen! Most likely when you least expect it to.


Let me know your love story below 

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