Just a nice fall weekend…

October 3, 2016

I’m so happy that it is now October! I love everything about fall and already began enjoying it.

On October 1st, Shane and I, and his friends, went to Oktoberfest. My brother’s girlfriend works for Stack Brewery in Sudbury so she got us tickets. 

They tapped a different leg every hour and had a live band. They had a place to play beer pong and even a yodelling contest. 

It was a lot of fun even though I was stuck DDing and had to stay later than I wanted to.

On Sunday, I went to a fall festival with my niece Ella. It was to raise money for the MS society. 

The festival had a lot of vendors and food and things for kids, including face painting.

The girl who was doing the face painting was called Face Paintinf by Chantal and it looked absolutely beautiful. Everyone kept complimenting her and she was so happy. 

This weekend was a very nice relaxing fall weekend and I’m excited to start my new job this week! I’m also really really excited for thanksgivings next weekend. 

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