Ella’s First Day of School! 

September 9, 2016

Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been slacking with my posts. I’ve been extremely busy lately. A lot of bad thigs were happening for a while so I was pretty upset but things are looking up! Hopefully I’ll have some good news soon :).

Anyways, for the whole summer I’ve been working 7 am to 5 pm Monday to Thursday and I get Fridays off. I used Fridays has my blogging and video days but lately my brother has been asking me to babysit. I love my niece and nephew but it’s been so exhausting.

Now, my niece will be in school and my nephew will be in daycare so hopefully I’ll have more time for my website! I have my nephew right now but he’s taking a nap (not going to lie but I need a nap too).

I’m hoping I’ll have more time to write. I’ve also been trying to get a different job so it’s been stressful lately. I should be find out this month. Also, I just signed up for belly dancing! I’m really excited.

As per the title and the photo, it’s my niece’s first day of school today! She was so excited. I think she’ll be great at school. She’s very smart and loves to learn. She’s also very social. The only thing is, she might be too social. She also seems to have ADHD like her father. My brother and his girlfriend put her in French immersion I believe, so she’ll be learning two languages. I don’t think either of them can speak French and I don’t think they’ve ever spoken French with her. They both didn’t like school so I’m really hoping she’ll like it!

It’s crazy for fast the time flew by! It feels like just yesterday I was rushing to the hospital to finally meet her. She is honestly the coolest kid I have ever met. I love her so much.

Anybody have a little boy or girl who started school this year?

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