5 Drinks You Must Try in Ireland

July 1, 2016

Irish are known for their drinking so it might be a little overwhelming trying to order a drink while you are there. I compiled a list of 5 drinks you must try while in Ireland.

  1. Guinness

Number one is the most obviously one. “When in Ireland, drink Guinness like the Irish do”. That’s a common saying, right? You’ll constantly hear about how much better Guinness is in Ireland than it is anywhere else in the world. You might as well try it out on your trip to the Emerald Isle. I did and I’m not a beer person at all.

The best place to try Guinness would have to be the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. Here you can tour the distillery and you may even get to pour yourself your very own pint of Guinness. This tour is approximately 16 euros. The Guinness Storehouse is located on St. James Gate, Dublin 8.

If you can’t make it to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, don’t worry. Guinness can be purchased literally anywhere in Ireland.

  1. Baby Guinness

For those that don’t know, Baby Guinness is a shot that looks exactly like a mini-pint of Guinness but tastes nothing like it. If you like shots, this is one you must try while in Ireland. This shot is a mixture of Kahlua Coffee Liqueur and Bailey’s Irish Cream. This just tastes like a shot of coffee.

  1. Jameson Whiskey5 drinks you have to try in Ireland

There’s a number of other Irish whiskeys you can choose from but you must at least try one on your trip to Ireland. You can do more research if you wish to try a different Irish whiskey. I chose to talk about Jameson Whiskey because I went to the distillery in Dublin.

Obviously I’m going to tell you the best place to try this whiskey is at the Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin. For 16 euros, you’ll get a guided tour, 3 different shots of whiskey to try and a Jameson Ginger and Lime (which is amazing!) You can find this distillery on Bow St, in Smithfield Village, Dublin.

If you happen to be in Midleton, Co. Cork, you can visit their Old Midleton Distillery. You can find this on DistilleyWalk, Midleton, Co. Cork.  5 drinks you have to try in Ireland

  1. Bulmers Original Irish Cider

If you’re not into beer, shots or whiskey, why not try Bulmers Cider. Bulmers is made from 17 different types of apples. Yummy. I couldn’t stop drinking this on my trip around Ireland. Bulmers is also known as Magners in other countries.5 drinks you have to try in Ireland

  1. Bailey’s Hot Chocolate5 drinks you have to try in Ireland

Something also amazing to drink while in Ireland is Bailey’s Hot Chocolate. The weather basically demands hot chocolate. I probably drank one of these every day I was in Ireland. While on my 7-day Shamrocker Adventure Tour, our tour guide told us where to get the best Bailey’s Hot Chocolate. Gaynors Bar, Letterbrickaun Co., Galway Ireland.  Even if the Bailey’s Hot Chocolate wasn’t good, the drive there is breathtaking. The hot chocolate is definitely worth the drive though.

If you don’t like hot chocolate, another common choice of drink is Irish Coffee. I’m not a big fan of coffee so it’s not on my top 5 list.

What’s your favourite beverage to drink in Ireland?


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